A New Hope
21 Oct 2015

A New Hope

A long time a go in a living room not quite so far away I was introduced to the world of Star Wars. As a five year old child nothing seemed more magical than those three films. Had my parents known the obsession that would grow from letting me view the films they might have thought differently before plopping me down in front of the television. 25 years later here I am with a new level of anticipation building into a fevered pitch after the release of the new trailer. I am firmly entrenched in the camp of fans that believe that while the prequels had some fun, and even epic moments they still remain inferior to the original trilogy that the world knows so well. This trailer makes you feel as if Star Wars is getting back to its roots, so to speak. The cinematography is unbelievably beautiful, the environments realer than ever. Most importantly are the characters. Yes, there are new ones; Kylo Ren the enigmatic sith, Rey, Finn. However, the ones that earned your fandom when you were young are there. In a split second shot you see Princess Leia being hugged by Han. I don’t think so quick a time I have ever become so excited for the release of a movie.



I’ll admit when the mouse took over control of Star Wars I was terrified at what it would bring. At first my fears seemed founded. Walking into the Disney store and seeing cartoon characters being inserted into the celebrations after the battle of Yavin (Which had turned into a big teen dance party….) I was extremely skeptical. While some of that remains, and will until The Force Awakens, is released this trailer has given me the hope to believe that this movie will be the one Star Wars fans have been waiting for since 1983.



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