Actor links!
14 Nov 2012

Actor links!

So since I have a few friends who are accomplished actors who would also like to be in Star Wars, I’ve started the Actor List page.

If you’re interested in being listed, please email me at misty with the subject line of PMISW Submission (this is to keep my email filters from putting it in the wrong place). At this time I ask that you are SAG/SAG-e and have worked with me in the past. I may open this up in the future, but for now I’m trying to keep it limited to that criteria.

Please send me your industry name, union status, a headshot you’d like to use and the link to your website.

Right now, there is one person listed and that is my good friend Jacquie Floyd. She’s an amazing actress and if you have any doubts about whether she should be in Star Wars or not, check this out:

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