The Force Awakens

Rogue One Opening Night Festivities!

Please join us at Goodrich Canton 7 GDX on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 6:30 PM for contests and trivia before the 7:00 PM showing! Here are some glimpses at the opening night fun we had for The Force Awakens last year:

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#AlamoJedi Marathon Endurance Contest!

Today is the last day to enter, but if you’re quick about it, you can get entered into the Alamo Drafthouse #AlamoJedi contest! A theater chain is determined to find the country’s biggest fan of the iconic sci-fi franchise. But you’d better be prepared to sit a long, long time in a theater that might be far, far away to prove it. Alamo Drafthouse has just announced a viewing endurance contest in Austin that will screen the Star Wars theatrical...

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Star Wars Marathon before opening night

Can’t get enough Star Wars? Excited for opening night and planning to rewatch all the movies beforehand so you’re in the right mindset? Well if you’re in Michigan, we can help with that! All seven moves. 1050 minutes of action. Special lanyard featuring exclusive marathon art. Wait, WHAT?! Yep, the marathon event is taking place on December 17th and here are the participating theaters in Michigan: NCG Trillium Cinemas in Grand Blanc Celebration! Cinema in Grand Rapids NCG Eastwood Cinemas...

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