Cosplay tips and tricks!
20 Jul 2016

Cosplay tips and tricks!

Hello your friendly webmistress here to bring you some tricks and tips for this cosplay season!

1.) Tubs are your friend. 

A simple rubbermaid tub such as this:


Is an invaluable tool when it comes to cosplaying. I find that the clear ones work best for me as I can see what cosplay is inside. Personally I like to use one tub per cosplay. That way when it’s time to go to con I can simply grab the tubs for the cosplays I want and know that I have everything I need! Simple!!


2.) The Magic of Alcohol!

A snazzy trick when you have a cosplay that you want to deodorize but can’t put it through the wash is to spritz it with a wonderful cocktail of half water, half vodka. The alcohol kills any bacteria and odors leaving your cosplay fresh for the next con! Make sure any clothes you spray with this magical concoction are completely dry before you put them in your tub 😉 as if you don’t the moisture can cause mold to grow, and nobody wants that on their hard earned con costume.


3.) Rack it up.

A collapsible clothing rack can really help for the quick changes. Set this baby up in your hotel room and line up the costumes. This is best done when you arrive at the con location as it gives the costumes time to air out, settle, and de-wrinkle a little bit



4.) Malfunction ahead.

No matter how high quality a cosplay there inevitably will be a malfunction. It’s a given. The best thing to do is to prepare for it. I always like to carry an emergency kit with me. Usually the kit contains things like a mini sewing kit, toupee tape, a tide pen, and some diaper wipes to name a few. As a mom my motto is: It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Try to think ahead to any problems your cosplay could potentially have and try and think up what would be helpful in an emergency.


These are a few of the tricks and tips I’ve picked up over the years. Hopefully they’ll help you as you head out to con! Remember to have fun!

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