Vengeance Rising Filming: Days 1 and 2 (Pre-production)
2 Jan 2015

Vengeance Rising Filming: Days 1 and 2 (Pre-production)

“Know what I need?”


“I need a new video for my website. I should do a Star Wars short to put up there. The timing works out since I have a couple weeks off work.”

With that, I decided to google what other things people have done for fan films in order to get some inspiration. What I found instead was… the fan film awards.

The contest entry deadline is in two weeks. The time limit on the film is five minutes. Heck, we’ve done the 48 Hour Film Challenge before so I know we can do it!

I spent January 1, 2015 writing the first draft of the script and putting together a cast and crew. We’re still finalizing, but we have an idea. Today is our first production meeting. I’m armed with the first draft of the script, a shooting schedule to be filled in based on availability, a notebook to take down ideas for set dressing, a list of equipment available, the very start of my storyboarding and a list of who is doing what. (We still need a script supervisor. Anyone wanna join in?)

I also contacted the local Rebel Legion on FB to see if anyone wants to be an extra in it and/or let us borrow an X-Wing pilot uniform or offer some advice to mocking one up. Not necessarily going for screen accurate here, at least not with this installment.

Oh yes. Even though this contest entry is five minutes long and is going to be thrown together in a hurry, some of us like the story so much that we might do a few more installments of it.

If you’re in the Metro Detroit area (downriver side mainly for filming locations) and want to take part, just let me know!

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