Vengeance Rising Filming: Day 3
11 Jan 2015

Vengeance Rising Filming: Day 3

Some people say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. However, I say the definition of insanity is having two days to make sets, costumes and props and one day to film an entire short film.

Now I’ve done some pretty insane things before, but part of me wondered if this might just take the cake. This might be the thing to send my brain into overload. Thankfully I have an amazing team of cast and crew. I surround myself with great people and it pays off, especially when they come out to help for free. One guy even drove for over an hour in a blizzard to help out. Now THAT is dedication and awesomeness.

So, for a couple of days the amazing set designers were in full build mode and everything was looking great when we all started piling in on Saturday morning.

The building we were in was, of all things, a storage facility. It may look familiar to quite a few people because we’ve used this location several times in the past for Fangirl Films productions. Usually the floor we were on is climate controlled, but a few weeks ago a huge windstorm did some damage to the building’s exterior, so one thin metal wall was all that separated us from the 10 degree weather. 10 degrees isn’t really all that bad for a Detroit winter, but after several hours you can really feel it in your bones, especially when the scene is supposed to take place on Yavin, which is a jungle. So maybe some of us were a little overdressed for it, but wow was it bitter cold!

First person to be put on tape was the amazing Jacquie Floyd. You can’t do a Star Wars film of any sort in Michigan without using her because she is a dead ringer for Princess Leia, so of course I had to write her into it. I’m lucky because she’s just one example of the amazingly talented and helpful friends I have. She’s a great actress and a great sport about indie filmmaking. Since she had a show to leave for, we filmed her closeup first thing as the build crew finished the war room and the X-wing cockpit sets.

Next was a hallway scene. Thankfully we were surrounded by hallways so it was pretty easy to set up. The only real problem we had during the shoot (aside from the bitter bitter cold) was the lack of proper lighting equipment. Since we threw this together so fast, the only lights we had were some high powered work lights and some overhead lights we rigged up in a unit. We had no bounce lights, no gels, nothing else. So we decided to embrace the stark, spartan setting with some harsh lighting setup. Overall, it worked rather well. Hallway scene was done and Locke Starfall (the amazing Todd Adams you may recognize from Star Trek: Osiris) was wrapped and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet!

We got through the rest of the scenes in near record time. We took a taco break in the evening so our director could go dump the footage off the camera and free up some space on his memory cards and the rest of us could eat, rest and regroup while we plotted out the massive cleanup job ahead of us once filming was done. Since we were in different sections of the building for our different sets, the crew was able to start breaking down things we were done with (like our X-wing cockpit, which I STILL wish we had been able to keep!) even as we were filming. We wrapped around 11 PM after 13 hours of filming. Breaking down, waiting on footage to transfer so I could take it home to edit and packing up the cars took a couple of hours and we were done.

The whole thing almost seems like a blur! Look for some behind the scenes footage and maybe a teaser trailer soon!

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