What it’s like having a baby named Leia
27 Oct 2015

What it’s like having a baby named Leia

Ever since I was ten years old I had a secret obsession. I wanted to name my baby Leia. As a young female nerd there were few nerdy women for me to look up to so of course my pick was Princess Leia. I remember in fifth grade wearing my Princess Leia wig to school much to the chagrin of everyone I knew. As the years went by my fervor never wavered. When I turned 18 I began to model slave Leia outfits at the motor city comic con, which was a lot of fun. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting (remember I was still a teenager after all!) I finally entered my first serious relationship. The man, who shall remain nameless, was dry and lacking in many facets but I was a naive girl in love. I remember bringing up the subject of children, and more specifically what I would like to name them should we have any. Almost bashfully I mentioned my greatest desire to have a baby girl named Leia. Without hesitation the idea was shot down. I was told how ridiculous I was for wanting something like that, so I never brought it up again despite the fact that I was teased about it from time to time.

Fast forward nearly a decade. The man whom I’m sure most of you are thinking is a jerk is long gone. I’m happily married with a two year old son, when me and my husband decide to try for another baby. Success! I found out at the end of last February that there was a tiny human growing in my insides. Of course the discussion of names came up. I paused, remembering the last time that I had this conversation. Taking a deep breath I said. “I really like the name Leia.” A grin broke out on my husband’s face and I could tell his inner nerd is happy. Still to this day I question weather or not he really likes the name or if he was just placating me.

On December 23, 2014 Leia Maxine came into the world and the fact that I’m a Star Wars nerd can no longer be hidden. Every once in a while it hits me that I have a daughter named after a Star Wars character. I’m glad though. She seems to have gained the determination and focus of her namesake; even in these short ten months of life. I hope she continues to be a strong brave explorer and eventually defeat the evil galactic empire. Once she conquers walking, of course.


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